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“The smile Madame, is used by humans to hide the truth”
– The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay
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Customer Support

Mick goes the extra mile to ensure you are thrilled with the end results he delivers, if for any reason the customer isn’t, he offers a 100% satisfaction Guarantee!

Problem Solver

Flexibility is a key foundation of Mick’s Moments photography, and the ability to adapt to a given situation makes Mick a  a great resource on the day of your shoot, and as he prepares your images to last a lifetime.

Forward Thinking

Things have changed, photography has evolved. Mick’s Moments reflect this new millennium by offering exactly what you want during shoot and getting you the finished results exactly how you want them, not how your parents did last generation!

Fully Digital

Because Mick workflow is fully digital, he can get your finished images to you faster. And he has the ability to do minor or major retouching (whichever you prefer) so you are fully satisfied with your moments that will last your whole lifetime

Your Moments = My Passion

You’re not looking for canned smiles. You want natural moments just as they happen in your memory.
Perhaps its the way your sweetheart bites her lip when she’s nervous, or how your son likes to show off his new “wiggly tooth.” Or maybe its the adoration on your husbands face when he looks at you. These are the moments that matter… magical moments that seem to stop time altogether!
  • How funny I think I am 100%
  • How funny others think I am 40%
  • Ability to capture Magical Moments 90%
  • Client Happiness 95%


My philosophy isn’t about forcing smiles, because that’s not real life. Life isn’t posed, but it is absolutely beautiful. Real life is about real moments… and its my passion to capture these for you…

I love the editing process, as it brings me back to my days in the dark room when i could spend hours and completely lose track of time while my passion to bring each image to its absolute fullest potential took over.

I’m obsessed with my art and my goal is to take each captured moment and create a masterpiece out of it. I always provide my clients w the highest quality images that they will cherish for a lifetime. That’s quite a concept… And I take it seriously.”

A 1000 words…

I love photography as a method of storytelling. Portraits are perhaps my favorite, as an “un-canned” photo has the ability to pour feeling and emotion into the admirer.

On occasion, it even has the power to connect us immediately and intimately to the very soul of the subject, when we get that “aha” moment of experiencing exactly what the subject is experiencing. God, that’s incredible! And yes, I absolutely love wrinkles.”

-Michael Preston

For a LIFETIME of SATISFACTION, Capture YOUR Magic Moments w/ Mick Today

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